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Who We Are:

Botanicraft Extracts is a family owned operation in the Saratoga Springs region of New York. We have professional experience in the pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing industries. However, we believe that nature can provide us with more effective and healthier products. Cannabis based products have had a positive impact on our lives and producing extraction products has become a perfect fit for us.

What We Do:

Botanicraft Extracts is a small batch botanical extract company specializing in CBD products. We are dedicated to crafting every product with care and precision, by carefully extracting the active compounds from natural plant material, and creating health and wellness products. All of our CBD extracts are sourced from the highest quality organic hemp which is minimally processed, to ensure maximum retention of beneficial compounds.

Our Method:

Our extraction methods include cold ethanol and hydrocarbon solvent extractions. The process is kept below -40 C to eliminate undesirable chlorophyll, fats and waxes from the final product. The extraction mixture is filtered to 1 micron before carefully purging all residual solvent under vacuum. All products are tested by a third party laboratory to ensure the highest quality and safety.

Why We Do This:

We have a passionate history with cannabis cultivation and the many benefits of its use. As with many of us, we have experienced the general anxieties of life, and developed unhealthy habits, including excessive alcohol consumption. We began using CBD oil for relief of daily stressors, and were pleasantly surprised at the effectiveness of this compound. We found that CBD extracts can be a truly beneficial supplement to aid in a healthy lifestyle. We immediately felt connected to the product, and are joyful about this business.

Our Partners:

We are so proud to be partnered with Sunny Skies in Durand Wisconsin. Their team has been involved in the industry for nearly a decade and have evolved into a fully integrated seed to sale business, in which they farm there own high quality organic hemp, process the material, and manufacture exceptional products. Botanicraft Extracts was developed under their expert guidance, and they will continue to support us throughout our growth period and beyond.

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