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Certificates of Analysis

Search for the Batch Number that is labeled on your product to find the lab results for that batch. If your batch is not found here, please scan the QR code on your product label. We are working to upload all our COA, so thank you for your patience!

How to Read a COA


Full Spectrum Tincture

Original Flavor

750 mg - HMTNNF25-220801


750 mg - FU71007
1500 mg - FU151012
3000 mg - FU31012


750 mg - FP71007
1500 mg - FP151012
3000 mg - FP31012


750 mg - FV71007
1500 mg - FV151012
3000 mg - FV31001


Full Spectrum Gummies

Blue Raspberry

25 mg - GF1014


Pet Tincture

450 mg - PT41009



Moisturizing Cream

750 mg - CR71009


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